Reflection for Creative Thinking

Why am I doing animation? The Spark

At a young age I was exposed to animation, through the mediums of Sailor Moon, card Captor Sakura and such. Sailor moon in particular played a major part of childhood life. It had a old style to it, but at that time was considered quite famous for it’s themes. It wasn’t just the bubbly colours on the screen or unique expressions the main character, Usagi, made; it was also the life that was brought to the show, through the use of music & animation.As I grew older, I found myself more fascinated with the fluidity of certain movements and how “pretty” they seemed. The most simple of lines could create the most drastic of expressions, was a thought that passed through often in the brain. I began to find myself avidly observing cartoons much more closely than usual. A spark in my mind was set off. It wasn’t a big spark that was set within me at that age, but still it did slightly com-bust within my mind.


“Usagi, from the show Sailor moon” image source:¬†


Animation was a career I discovered near the end of my high school journey. At that time the attempt to try out a pathway to art was restricted to learning it traditional,studying a bachelor of art and attempting to become the best of specific art field, it was the only pathway I knew. I came to realise there was a whole new world of art, different from traditional. It used technology as a way to communicate its’ message. The previous small spark that had exploded back in my childhood came back tenfold after this realisation. This realisation that I would be able to make a career out of my art, actually enjoy what I could do with technology. So I set off hoping to get into an animation course, improve my knowledge of digital art, and skills in animating.Eventually through the power internet browsing and university applications, I came across a bachelor of animation that was available in SAE. Excitement, was a feeling that came up initially, hope was the second that followed after. To me, this meant I could get a grasp on how animation would work, how this could set me up to a pathway into my dream job.

image source for cover:






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