What is media?

Media is the way information is shared and digested through different forms of communication. It is also plays a large part in society, able to influence and contort what is of the norm; such as news. Which is frequently displayed in various kinds of media; for example television. Though not often viewed in this medium, televised news has a way of invoking emotional reactions from the viewer, as well as projecting information that would normally be quite difficult to obtain. Through the use of visual and audio gestures. It creates a means of allowing a person who resides in Australia to learn about current events that are occurring in America, for an instance. More importantly media is there to spread a message, whether is fuelled by a political, social or religious agenda.

“Media both constructs and reflects reality,” is a statement that rings true. It means that media can shape how reality is formed, but on the other hand is can also show how the dominant society’s structure works. To simplify this whole elaborated explanation, media is a tool used to provoke reactions, share information and spread a message.


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