Reflection for Creative Thinking

My Media Use and Identity

From a young age I found myself less exposed to technology, however media was a natural part of my life. It came mostly in the form of a newspaper. There were some forms of technology that gave me access to media, such as the television or computer. The smart phone back then was not as advanced as it is today, the ability to access news without being limited to what a news show had selected for the viewer to see. Along with this I found an avid love for playing video games. Video games were significant part of my life, from the Ps2’s Dynasty warriors 4 to the classic Rachet and Clank Gladiators. They greatly influenced the way I thought about things, as well as fuelling my imagination. Despite the lack of polished animation and graphics for these games they still had iconic character designs. Which leads to what I want to become now, an animator who specialises in Character designs.


Dynasty Warriors 4 Gameplay

Anime was also another media that greatly influenced my life. I was exposed early to animation before I could comprehend what it was. As a kid I watched Sailor Moon, fascinated by the pretty colours. In recent new anime like Mob Psycho 100 has shown even the most simple of character designs, can be great due to the animation. It exposed to me to a whole new world of animation, naturally Disney films like Mulan and Snow White, also played major roles in developing my art style.


Mob Psycho 100, “Mob”


Music was media that was constantly part of my life. Earbuds were a component of my identity. I would find a moment of peace usually filled with a melody. Identify different parts and instrumentation became a second nature to me, when watching animation I didn’t just admire the visual but also the audio. At a young age I was already involved in music, playing the violin in grade 3, which lead to myself developing an avid love for all


Dean, is a influential artist who I find quite enjoyable to listen to. Despite not focusing on the field of music, his songs often spark ideas on what I want to draw next.


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