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week 4:History of 3d Graphics

There have many significant turning points in 3d graphics, as well as animation. From the first fully 3d animated film to the invention of CGI, which is now used often in big blockbuster movies. The Paperman is a 2012 Disney animation short, which I consider personally to be a big point in animation history. As it is a unique film that brings elements of 3d animation and 2d animation together. The process of making this piece can shown in the video below.

The whole intent of creating, Paperman, was to bring the live expressive facial expressions of 2d yet also the realistic feel of 3d. As stated and shown visually in the video above, they have a base 3d model underneath, then afterwards a 2d stylised layer is added upon. All this can create an illusion of an old fashioned 2d disney film but the environment and the model itself have an inclusive feel to them due to 3d. It is consider a major point on animation, along with 3d graphics as the two factors had never been combined together like this before. Yet the result of all this creates a heavy weighted short that invokes sudden emotions depending on the scenes.

So was behind this? John Kahrs. His previous works include being involved with large Disney films  such as Monsters Inc, The Incredibles  and Ratatouille. I find his style of production unique, it leaves a lasting impact in my mind, therefore his work I consider also another large footnote in the history of 3d graphics.

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