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Future Predictions 2017-2027

Many trends come and go in society, however at times some trends can become a permanent part of culture. I consider 80s fashion becoming subculture, in similar pretence to what 40s clothing style, where now those who were the “dapper” kind of clothing are donned hipsters, are also now considered to be their own subculture. The 80s trend started re-emerging in current times by initially introducing the 80s themed music into modern music. Causing it to spread over to fashion. Over sized jackets and colourful vibrant colours were becoming a trend. However it brought up the question of would it fade away like it’s past self or form a subculture?

Taken from:

Taken from:

The two pictures above show how similar 80s fashion was compared to the past (the first picture) and the present (the second picture). It shows that 80s culture is indeed becoming the latest fad? But what about it being a subculture? I’ll believe it will.

Hipsters originated from 1960s culture, and originally was just a trend to dress from that era. Yet eventually the culture of the 1960s and the urge to preserve caused it to form a foundation of being a subculture. This same process will occur in 80s fashion. Eventually a group of individuals will adopt the 80s way of life. This will form a subculture called Primary Colours.


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