Creative Media Curation

Below are pinterest boards curated to suit my animation needs. These separate boards allow me to reference and create more realistic feel to my works.

Human anatomy board focuses on how the human body looks. It contains references for both genders and the general body shapes of different beings. This collection of images support in my ability to be able to draw a realistic feature. As an understanding of basic human anatomy allows for me to exaggerate when it comes to animation.

Creature anatomy board allows for me to grasp a basic understanding on how different kinds of animals work. The collection of various paws, wings and full body pictures allow to have a reference when it comes to designing creatures based on fantasy settings, as I find it best to understand what realistic animals my fantasy beings/creatures come from first before commencing their designs.

Emotions board is a compilation of facial features express various feelings. The board contains multiple different mediums from photos of expressions to drawn references for the viewer to grasp an idea on how emotions work. This also helps for when one is not quite sure how to convey how someone who feels worried should look.

Character concepts board is aimed to show a layout on how a typical character concept is laid out. As well as working as a board for character concept structure is doubles as an inspiration, showing an artists design for their character’s idea.

Shading and lighting board has a purpose to visually express the way shading works digitally. It also gives perspective on how lighting works when a solid colour comes in contact with light. It’s other purpose is create an idea for other artists shade their work, as well as how they colour their characters in. This provides a building block for me to build up on when it comes to giving my character’s life.






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