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Exploring the world of pixlpit

Pixlpit is an independent 3d animator who is skilfully creating a unique look with their animation, through the help of their custom made 3d models.

This video above is an example of the process he takes to create the skeletal structure of his models and the overlaying skin. Making a unique skeletal structure allows for him to create the iconic look of a box like head and a small child-like body to his characters. Such a different style in 3d modelling can make his style easily recognizable among fans of his work.

Above is an animated work by Pixlpit, it is a well done comedic piece that showcases his style through the character rigs. The story progression is well paced, by being not too dragged out however on the other hand not too short. His method of animation is smooth to follow and the movements flow well. Music plays a large element to this short, it effectively sets the mood that resembles classic black and white detective crime shows. There is also the consideration of how effective the voice acting is, it conveys the exact emotions needed for the scene. Further more it also adds to what each character is like in a funny manner.

The use of camera angles also added to this noir-esque feel to this short. Overall the whole short is quite good due to well done dialogue, joke delivery, well-timed music and smooth animation. Pixlpit has effectively managed to convey a comedic approach to a normally serious tone that is usually associated with Crime dramas.

In another animated short of his, “Jack goes to Space!” He uses the same comedic tone. The genre seems to clearly  be a parody. It explores a famous youtuber personality and effectively projects jokes that fans of this particular youtuber can relate to. In this clip however he bases it off a gameplay the original Jacksepticeye has, using the audio to animate over.

To summarise Pixlpit effectively uses 3d animation to create a stamp of his branding in society, without the need of a large well-known corporation. He is considered to an independent 3d animator who has captures the hearts of many through his quirky character designs. There is alot of potential based on the current shorts he has on his channel, despite the lack of a large production team behind him.



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