Treasure Chest Updates

Progress report: Pre-production, blocking and 3d modelling.

When it came to creating the treasure chest I figured pre-production and blocking to be quite easy to understand. All it took was creating two rectangular prisms that were equal in length and width. Eventually after half an hour I had the bottom base done. This can be seen below, as I select the lid to work on. However to be quite honest I went through 3 attempts of creating a treasure chest in the 3d modelling stage before I started UV mapping. dfdfgdfgrdgdr.png

This picture below is an earlier attempt at creating a treasure chest. I later decided the design would be too complicated to uv unwrap and therefore scrapped it.


Soon more attempts would follow. After a struggle with a design, finally I had completed the chest. Now it was on to the more tedious step of uv mapping. My poor innocent self at that time thought, “how hard could it be?”



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