Treasure Chest Updates

Progress report: Uv mapping and texturing

I noticed when it came to Uv mapping that the more simple the model was, the easier the uv mapping would be. On one of my models, I’ve set it as the featured images I got pretty far into uv mapping. However as the digits on my computer’s clock turned to 2, I decided I was done. Pressing ctrl-s which does not save. The uv mapping for this particular model was too complicated to unwrap again so I decided to redesign a more simplistic treasure chest.


After that it was onwards towards texturing. However due to not combining the two uv maps of the treasure chests bottom and lid when my bottom’s texturing was applied it decided to also apply itself to the lid as well. Afterwards learning from my mistake I combined my uv maps and continued to texture giving myself this treasure chest as the result.


Giving myself a mental note, always press the save button between major changes. Also double check with any steps that might’ve been missed that could effect the design on the chest layer. Slowly my hope in creating a decent animation started to deteriorate.




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