3d animation



Oh boy where do I begin? I found it quite easy to model when I started to design the ship. The initial idea was to create spaceship based on herbie. However I decided during the modelling process to base it more on old style convertibles.

Another idiotic mistake I made was I forgot planar maps when I was uv maps causing for a halt in my production flow. However a mistake is a mistake and I just refreshed my memory on how to uv map again.


The reason behind me scrapping the lid before I uv mapped was quite simple, it didn’t fit the design the space ship.


After a long journey of texturing and lightning, along with rendering I came to this picture above. However due trying to hand paint my textures it became quite time consuming to finish off the ship. The uv map itself had so many elements to it, that I realised I dug a hole for myself when I was midway through my texture.

In terms of uv map I manually uv mapped every single piece of my ship. Along with manually re-arranging uv maps. This also took large chunk of my time, after being shown an easier way I realised how much easier it was in terms of time and method.


Eventually I was able to get my hands on Quixel Suite which made texturing much better. Through a quick lesson on how Quixel Suite works. I was able to create a better looking spaceship. Overall this project was an exhausting and time consuming lesson in finding a much faster way to do alot of things. Well let’s see what happens next Tri…


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