A cricket chirps in the distance, it high pitches bounce around to others surrounding it. Once there was only one in the dark night now came the chorus of high chirps. Various different chirps, each with their distinct difference, each one of those tiny distinct difference still held a large weight to them. Just like reviews and critics.


In a bizzare manner I’ve made a connection between a simple description of crickets and the topic of this blog post. You know what? I’ll just roll with it.

Critics and reviews can be distinctly different from one another. This is discussed and explained right here.

The Difference between Reviews and Critics

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taken from: 38.media.tumblr.com/64016cc22e8dfa308f2bc5d8d92fcd15/tumblr_inline_ns4jjltYmH1sbxgl4_500.gif

Though the most interesting topic that often comes up in discussion when it comes to this subject is if there can ever be an unbiased version of both. Through a thorough discussion with fellow peers and the lecturer for my class, I came to the conclusion that no we can never have unbiased reviews or critics. One can try to walk into a piece without any sense of bias of the work but in the end there is still some inkling of it that can be found based for everyone’s tastes. It’s like food. Someone can claim to be unbiased and open minded to any kind of cuisine but eventually they encounter something they dislike, it might be the various elements or might be even something that resembled a piece of food they have had, yet their pallets did not find it nice. Hold on, before I get on a food tangent let me pull it back to the main point.

Critics will have some form bias when they look at something. The same forgoes with reviewers.

I personally find the line blurred between the two. At times what one might considered a more professional person and therefore they can be considered a critic, another might consider them to be less so.

The more important thing I have learnt from when I entered the wonderful world of art digitally was and is take the useful critics. Takes those critics that point at the flaws but also explain why they are flaws. Take their tearing down as a way for you to arise from the ashes. Be the phoenix. BURN FROM THE ASHES. ARISE FROM THE PAIN. FLY MY PRECIOUS FLY.

taken from: https://media.tenor.com/images/d254cf075f04dde8bb38c320e7164368/tenor.gif


I’m not telling everyone to follow my advice or my insights, but rather take in my observations. To see what these potential critics could do to help improve your work.

Reviews in a way help as an animator gain a perspective from another person’s point of view. For a personal development a good critic can help me see any other ways that I could improve on a animation I worked on and apply it to future work.



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