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Starving Artist

A starving artist, often a being that hungers for perfection within their pieces.

Yet there others who can appreciate the works you’ve created so far, the progress you’ve made. At times these people can be considered fans, other times just people who respect your general being but choose to not get involved with the actual work itself. The link above takes it back to an article that discusses about the many different kind of people that can be involved with your work. All this helps me as someone who wants to create for others and for myself, what kinds of fans there are. Along with, how can I interact with them?

How does this relate though? How can an artist be starving? Does it have anything to do with me?

Fans help. They are there because of the work you’ve done, or the progress you’ve made. More importantly they want to support you.

Personally I don’t consider myself to have a fanbase yet, but I don’t view at as a negative thing. A fanbase is a natural part that comes with becoming more well-known to others online. For me even the one person liking one of pieces is acknowledgement that someone has appreciated the work I made. Furthermore it’s a different kind of delight to find someone who you considered more experienced in your field of work, more well versed in how to digitally paint in my case, liking your artwork. A different feeling applies to when a fellow peer interacts with your work as well.

But wait, hold on. What is a fanbase?

“the fans of a particular well-known person, group, team, etc. considered as a distinct social grouping.”

When searching for the meaning of fan base this definition will pop up first hand.  Though this is the standard definition of this term, at times fandom can also formed around a person’s work.

This opens up opportunities for the creator to know that there are people there supporting them.

What can this lead to for the creator and their fans?

It can open up room to allowing fans to help out with an author’s work.

Fan Collaboration is the term. In a more common example in the manga community fans will translate a beloved work of their creators, thus opening up the creator to a different kind of audience in another language or country.

Amongst the art community, fellow digital artist will find ways to interact with one another through challenges but also with their fans with the same challenges. Opening up a more social connection allows for fans to have a deeper connection with the people, group and/or work that they are fond of.

But what is this all good for?

To put it in a budding animator like myself’s terms, an artist who doesn’t try to see those who admire their work, is bound to starve in the end.  You create an artwork most times for your own sake. Naturally you want to share your creation. However if you only share, without engaging others, what’s the point? Connecting with fans fills the artist appetite.



One thought on “Starving Artist

  1. You bring up some interesting points! Sometimes it’s hard to define the line between creating personal work and catering to your fanbase, and many times as artist we have to compromise between the two. The nature of the project (whether or not it is being funded solely by fans or is simply a personal endeavour being made available to the public) is pretty dependant on which path you choose. I feel like, we, as artists, have to know when to draw the line between preserving the original intent of the work and trying to accomodate for an audience.

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