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Week 1: Assets, Research and Bootcamp


I decided for this environment to create a still image based on compilation on images to understand what I wanted to create.


Concept: Space station that preserves the final living tree.

The most major piece that I hope to aim to obtain a decent quality to is the the preservation glass with the tree inside of it. However when it came to actually modelling the artificial life preserve, the tree concept was changed into an egg in a floating incubator.

Tutorial I took reference in order to make the wires in the scene. 


This technique I learnt cause me to save time more than individually creating cylinders and bend modifying them around each other.

initial design.PNG

When it came to the initial design of the walls for the scene I went for a more “straight” look.  However realised upon further examinations that the curves did not look quite right. Therefore I opted for a second redesign which resulted in the look below.


A general screenshot of the scene created.

Personal Development skills

Self-Portrait of a friend

Along with modelling, I took some time to improve my anatomy and digital painting skills. I found a new love in my life, watercolour brush.

Another Portrait of my friend

Toggl Weekly Report





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