Specialisation: Spriting Around

My initial aim is to create a group of characters with sprite sheets including; idle, walking, running &  one extra action animation. Upon further observation I decided to focus on  Scott Pilgrim Vs the World: The Game. The game’s character animations are extensive, well thought out as well as highly animated. Since the game is 2d focused the main focus for my specialisation will be 2d animation sprites.

One of the Sprite Sheets for Scott Pilgrim vs the World: The Game

Another Sprite illustrating the animation behind the main character for the game Scott Pilgrim

The sprite sheet above is showing inbetweens and key frames. It’s effective in it’s method and the animation comes out smooth. However it consumes more time trying this method.

Current thought process: Deciding on whether to animate on ones or two.

Character concepts


Two character concepts that have been initially sketched and coloured to create sprite sheet from. Upon further evaluation the complexity and need for multiple frames for sprite making has made my usual style of drawing too much for the project.

Potential Programs for Sprite Creation:

Piskel: https://www.piskelapp.com/


-Automatic Generate Sprite sheet

-Onion Skin

-Animation is easy

-Easy to transfer data


-Online saving could potentially lose data

FireAlpaca: http://firealpaca.com/


-Easy to use interface

-Onion Skin

-Good Brushes

-More Personal Style to Sprites


-Takes more time to create Sprite sheet

-Is more time consuming to animate with


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