Week 6, 7, 8 & 9 Progress Report


Hours recorded in Toggl




An exercise for animation done to challenge myself to keeping my character in scale for every frame. A simple scene that involves a human morphing into a winged being. This took me less than 30 minutes to do.


A block out for my obstacle course. After debating between the two obstacle course layouts and which one would suit the character better, I ended up choosing the one above. One of the main factors behind this decision was the a certain part in the course, could be turned into an aquatic environment to showcase the duck side of Donald duck. gBcbgTpKsm4aH3HZ.gif

This gif shows the block out in action and how it flows.


Above display all the work I’ve done for my cross disciplinary project. As the concept and final game intent was dancing nuns, many characters for demons and nuns were needed. I was put in charge of designing the nun. As such we used magicavoxel to create the characters. It also made the rigging process much easier, as we could place the characters in a t-pose and auto-rig them.


I attempted to animated within Magicavoxel, however time was it took too much time to do. Therefore the idea was scrap and was opted for all the models to either be auto-rigged in Mixamo or imported into 3ds max, to be animated from there. Above is an example of animation done.



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