Specialisation: Spriting Around

My initial aim is to create a group of characters with sprite sheets including; idle, walking, running &  one extra action animation. Upon further observation I decided to focus on  Scott Pilgrim Vs the World: The Game. The game’s character animations are extensive, well thought out as well as highly animated. Since the game is 2d focused…… Continue reading Specialisation: Spriting Around


Creative Media Curation

Below are pinterest boards curated to suit my animation needs. These separate boards allow me to reference and create more realistic feel to my works. https://au.pinterest.com/shortroundpanda/human-anatomy-references/ Human anatomy board focuses on how the human body looks. It contains references for both genders and the general body shapes of different beings. This collection of images support in…… Continue reading Creative Media Curation

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Week 1: Pre-Production and 3d modelling

Pre-Production Pre-production is the planning stage before actually doing anything on an animation project. It usually involves character concepts, story board, initial ideas & script. All these are steps that are taken in before any actual animation commences. The first step is to produce an idea, it is the concept which helps set what exactly…… Continue reading Week 1: Pre-Production and 3d modelling