Reflection for Creative Thinking

Starving Artist

A starving artist, often a being that hungers for perfection within their pieces. Click the link, magical things await taken from: Yet there others who can appreciate the works you’ve created so far, the progress you’ve made. At times these people can be considered fans, other times just people who respect your general being…… Continue reading Starving Artist

Reflection for Creative Thinking

The hermit crab and social media

Once upon a time there was a hermit crab, smol and elusive to the world. It drew from the misconception of the general public, that it’s kind were not very sociable creatures. So it spent it’s time curled up in it’s shell, occasionally popping out to grab some grub. A few days later it died.…… Continue reading The hermit crab and social media

Treasure Chest Updates

Progress report: Uv mapping and texturing

I noticed when it came to Uv mapping that the more simple the model was, the easier the uv mapping would be. On one of my models, I’ve set it as the featured images I got pretty far into uv mapping. However as the digits on my computer’s clock turned to 2, I decided I…… Continue reading Progress report: Uv mapping and texturing