Treasure Chest Updates

Progress report: Uv mapping and texturing

I noticed when it came to Uv mapping that the more simple the model was, the easier the uv mapping would be. On one of my models, I’ve set it as the featured images I got pretty far into uv mapping. However as the digits on my computer’s clock turned to 2, I decided I…… Continue reading Progress report: Uv mapping and texturing

Treasure Chest Updates

Progress report: Pre-production, blocking and 3d modelling.

When it came to creating the treasure chest I figured pre-production and blocking to be quite easy to understand. All it took was creating two rectangular prisms that were equal in length and width. Eventually after half an hour I had the bottom base done. This can be seen below, as I select the lid…… Continue reading Progress report: Pre-production, blocking and 3d modelling.

Reflection for Creative Thinking

Exploring the world of pixlpit

Pixlpit is an independent 3d animator who is skilfully creating a unique look with their animation, through the help of their custom made 3d models. This video above is an example of the process he takes to create the skeletal structure of his models and the overlaying skin. Making a unique skeletal structure allows for him to…… Continue reading Exploring the world of pixlpit


Creative Media Curation

Below are pinterest boards curated to suit my animation needs. These separate boards allow me to reference and create more realistic feel to my works. Human anatomy board focuses on how the human body looks. It contains references for both genders and the general body shapes of different beings. This collection of images support in…… Continue reading Creative Media Curation

Reflection for Creative Thinking

Future Predictions 2017-2027

Many trends come and go in society, however at times some trends can become a permanent part of culture. I consider 80s fashion becoming subculture, in similar pretence to what 40s clothing style, where now those who were the “dapper” kind of clothing are donned hipsters, are also now considered to be their own subculture.…… Continue reading Future Predictions 2017-2027