Specialisation: Spriting Around

My initial aim is to create a group of characters with sprite sheets including; idle, walking, running &  one extra action animation. Upon further observation I decided to focus on  Scott Pilgrim Vs the World: The Game. The game’s character animations are extensive, well thought out as well as highly animated. Since the game is 2d focused…… Continue reading Specialisation: Spriting Around

Reflection for Creative Thinking

Starving Artist

A starving artist, often a being that hungers for perfection within their pieces. Click the link, magical things await taken from: http://www.reactiongifs.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/magic.gif Yet there others who can appreciate the works you’ve created so far, the progress you’ve made. At times these people can be considered fans, other times just people who respect your general being…… Continue reading Starving Artist